Work begins on town improvements

It gives me great pleasure to announce that since our last editon the council has started to address several local issues highlighted in this column.

Last week we brought attention to the danger faced by pedestrians being forced to walk on Station Road in Helston due to overgrown foliage covering the pavement. Within hours of 10,000 copies of the Advertiser hitting shops and homes, council workers started cutting back overgrown hedgerows. Whether it was by sheer coincidence or the power of the paper – we may never know.

Over the last seven days I also noticed council workers attending to many other neglected parts of the town, with warning signs appearing of hedge cutting scheduled for the coming days and weeks.

Another hot topic in the spotlight last week was the increasing number of residents leaving bin bags uncovered and vulnerable to attack by wildlife. It has now been revealed by Cornwall Council that information on repeat offenders has been passed to enforcement officers who have in turn sent letters and may issue fines if the unhygienic practice continues.

In recent months attention was also drawn to the plague of potholes throughout the region, with several main routes becoming almost undriveable. After being verbally informed by a resident that resurfacing work would soon begin on “one of Helston’s roads,” I naively assumed it would be either Godolphin Road, Wendron Street or Station Road due to poor maintenance and heavy traffic flow.

For some unknown reason repair work started on lesser-used roads in much better condition. I am sure the residents of Loe Valley Road will be delighted they can now enjoy smooth motoring, yet was it a top priority?

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