Who is to blame for rubbish strewn streets?

COMMENTS on our Facebook page (@helstonadvertiser) last week saw an overwhelming agreement that the issue of torn bin bags strewn throught Helston’s streets on collection days was a problem that clearly needs addressing. However, there is disagreement on who is to blame.

Some people argue that the council should provide bins to homeowners as part of council tax charges, which they claim could fix the unsightly and unhygienic situation.

Although I agree in principle, with a lack of cash for essential services from central government cuts and our county falling into a state of disrepair in other areas, I am unsure whether this could be considered a sensible use of funds.

With approximately 250,0000 households in Cornwall the proposal could cost taxpayers more than £1 million.

Surely popping down to a hardware store and spending a tenner on a bin is not unreasonable for residents? Those who object could always throw an old blanket over the bags as suggested last week? Is there any excuse for just throwing an uncovered bag outside to be attacked by seagulls or scavenging wildlife each week?

I could also argue that the council should install a pedestrian crossing near my house, yet because they haven’t, should I just walk out into the traffic and blame them if I am struck by a car?

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