When a pub brawl becomes a murder

LAST week saw police called to a mass brawl in the early hours on Coinagehall Street in Helston.

It is reported that the brawl began after a man was ejected from a nearby club which led to approximately 20 men becoming involved in a melee.

As is normally the case in these type of incidents, excess drink seems to have been the trigger.

It lowers peoples inhibitions and dulls the ability for rational thought and I wonder how many of the people involved spared a moment to consider the repercussions of their actions.

Last year a man was killed in Redruth when a fight outside the Twilight Zone escalated to such a degree that two men beat him to death.

As well as a young life cruelly taken away and a future not realised, there will have  been numerous other lives irreversibly affected, both people connected to the victim but also those associated with the perpetrators.

A scuffle in town after a few beers may seem like a bit of a laugh and no big deal but there is no way of knowing how a punch to the head will affect different individuals.

I hope that those involved woke the next morning with remorse and consider how lucky they are that no one was seriously injured.

* Between writing this piece and going to press, a friend of mine saw his brother killed in a brawl outside a club in Leamington Spa on Saturday night.

From what I can gather, he was caught in the crossfire of a fight between two rival fractions and he was hit by accident.

It only takes one moment to change countless lives.

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