Watch out, there’s a warden about!

I have always assumed that parking restrictions in Helston’s town centre began at 9am, so was surprised to hear that some motorists had received tickets at an earlier hour last week.

Walking through the town to check the road signage, I discovered that restrictions at the parking bays outside The Angel Hotel in Coinagehall Street start from 7am.

I struggle to understand this logic, especially as there is unrestricted parking on the opposite side of the road until 9am.

Why is it okay to park on one side of the street before 9am but not the other? Any why can’t drivers park on the opposite side all day?

Motorists who were given tickets told me the traffic warden issued the penalties shortly after 7.30am. Although legal, it could be viewed as an easy opportunity to raise funds for depleted coffers.

Parking enforcement from 9am seems logical as most businesses don’t start trading until that time. With a reduced traffic flow and little need for short-term parkers to be in town until then, it gives people who live in town centres enough time to get up, fed and organised before starting their working day.

As far as I am aware, other parking zones in Helston remain without restrictions until 9am. However, during my investigation I did notice one oddity on Meneage Street – motorists can actually park on the left hand side of the street after 6pm – directly opposite the parking bays. In theory, I could park outside of Natwest Bank and force motorists to drive around me and through the parking bay on the opposite side to pass. Surely this section of the road should have double yellow lines?

Although I have never seen anyone park on the left-hand side of the street, it appears there is no legal way they can be prevented from doing so.

The reality from this odd situation is that motorists should be careful to check parking restrictions in the town, or expect to pay a fine to what could be regarded as an opportunistic council.

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