Warning as crime wave hits town

Residents and business owners are reminded to be vigilant following a spate of burglaries around Helston over recent weeks.

Several break-ins have been reported around the town including at a restaurant, hair salon, Boots Pharmacy, Superdrug and Outback Trading, yet it is not known if the crimes are connected.

The Rodney Inn at Meneage Street was also targeted with several charity collection boxes stolen containing several hundred pounds.

Thankfully, CCTV cameras inside the premises managed to capture footage of the culprit and the video has been viewed more than 15,000 times on the Helston Advertiser Facebook page (@helstonadvertiser). Anyone with information about any of the crimes is being asked to contact police.

Increasing number of break-ins causes alarm in Helston

It is bad enough to break into someone else’s property, but to steal from charities who rely on donations to carry out important work leaves a particularly unpleasant taste.

So often the punishment for offenders is so lenient that it rarely acts as a strong enough deterrent and with limited resources put into rehabilitation, we are likely to forever remain in an ever-repeating loop.

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