Villagers shocked as ram-raiders strike at night

PORTHLEVEN residents were in shock last week when a prominent business was the victim of an apparent ram raid.

Police were called to The Jewellery Workshop at St Elvans Courtyard shortly before 3am on May 27 after a holidaymaker reported seeing a car driving into the front of the store.

The car is said to have reversed several times into the business in an attempt to gain access.

Visiting the scene, I noticed that someone had also appeared to have used a heavy item such as a hammer to try and break the window.

It is thought that two people were involved in the incident and left the scene in a grey-ish coloured estate car which was later found abandoned and burned out in the Sithney area.

Although we are fortunate to live in an area where crimes of this nature are extremely rare, the shocking incident has taken place just three weeks after another local jeweller, Wearnes in Helston, had a window smashed in broad daylight with an expensive Rolex watch stolen.

Small business owners face enough challenges to remain profitable and I am sure the owners of The Jewellery Workshop must be feeling shell-shocked to be put in this position just as the short season gets underway.

As well as incurring significant financial losses, I feel sorry that the owners will have to deal with being the victims of this crime on a personal level as they are among the nicest people I deal with through the Advertiser.

As this edition was going to print, the police had not yet identified any suspects and urge anyone with information about the incident to get in contact by email at or by calling 101 quoting reference number CR/031414/17.

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