Vandals attack school minibus

While walking past Helston Community College last weekend I was shocked to see several windows of a school mini bus smashed to pieces.

The sustained attack had shattered both of the vehicles rear windows and three side windows, along with several strike points on the windscreen.

I feel disheartened how wanton vandalism has become increasingly commonplace in our town with several businesses targeted by attacks in recent months.

“Utter scum”

The sad news spread on social networks with one Facebook commentator branding the culprits “utter scum”. I find it hard to disagree with the description.

With limited budgets, school headteachers have little funds to spend on repairing this type of senseless damage and means less cash available for educating pupils and the potential cancellation of school trips.

However, I don’t expect anyone capable of such a despicable act as having the necessary intellect to understand, or care about, how their actions affect others.

On spotting the damage to the vehicle I called the police on the non-emergency number (101) and discovered it was not the only act of vandalism in the town during the previous night. A rock was also thrown through the window of a house on the Gwealdues Estate and it was only by sheer luck that no one suffered serious injury.

The lack of arrests has led some people on social media to accuse the police of not doing enough to catch the criminals.

Police frustrated

I understand how our local police force is underfunded and understaffed with a huge geographical area to cover. I know several local officers who are equally frustrated.

We live in a small, close-knit community and I am sure someone knows the identity of these idiotic vandals. Hopefully they will give their name(s) to the authorities so we can stop the rot and prevent these mindless acts of violence becoming an everyday occurrence in the town.

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