TV star offers spearfishing adventures

A star of a prime-time television show is offering adventure seekers the opportunity to swim with basking sharks, play with seals and catch lobsters.

A series of one and two day courses are being planned by ITV’s Fishing Impossible presenter and local spearfisherman Jason Lewis to introduce people to the sport.

Days are centred around learning techniques while having fun in a safe and informative environment. Participants will get the chance to learn how to free dive and prepare their catch for a barbecue.

Jay said: “It seems to be a very popular present idea for the weekend warrior hungry for the next big adventure. But we get loads of surfers searching for some flat day fun, hungry anglers who are fed up of coming home empty handed, as well as people who are just excited by the sport but want someone to show them the ropes before taking up this potentially dangerous adventure.”

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