Travellers who do not travel

I am disappointed that a family of travellers have not only applied for planning permission to remain on a site on the Lizard but that it could actually be granted.

The family have lived in a stationary caravan on the top tier of North Corner car park, which enjoys spectacular views of Coverack Bay for more than ten years and St Keverne Parish Council served eviction notices in January.

In reply, the family have sought planning permission to remain on the site by applying for a lawful development certificate.

According to a report that I read, her application states: “This has been a family home for over ten years and as such we have long-established connections in the local area.”

Although I sympathise with anyone facing the threat of not having somewhere to live, that sympathy is weak for someone who has not paid their dues.  I know people who have worked and paid their taxes for decades then through bad luck, which was out of their control, lost their jobs and then their homes when they could no longer afford the rent and utilities.

I was taught that if I wanted anything in life, I should get off my backside and work for it, nothing is gifted in this world. It seems I may have been taught the wrong lessons as working hard does not seem to be working out as well for me.

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