Traffic turmoil as council ignores majority to appease minority

COUNCIL officials have ploughed ahead with a controversial traffic calming test on a major approach road to Helston despite protests from local businesses and residents.

The six-week trial began last Wednesday (June 7) and prevents traffic travelling through Cross Street from turning right onto the A394 Helston to Penzance road near Sithney Common Hill. Cars travelling from the Penzance direction are also no longer be able to turn left onto St John’s Bridge.

The measure is the result of complaints by some Cross Street residents who claim the road is used as a rat run with cars speeding past homes. It is hoped that vehicles will find an alternative route around the town.

The first week of the test has seen vehicles seek alternative ways to access the route. One local business situated close to the junction has reported traffic speeding through a narrow entrance to their premises with drivers turning in a car park and entering the junction in the opposite direction.

I have witnessed plenty of cars driving past Dales Butchers on St John’s Road so they can turn right onto the Penzance Road or even driving around the Porthleven roundabout to double back on themselves.

The situation is disorganised chaos and I fear someone may be struck by a car attempting one of the many unpredictable manoeuvers to deal with the new traffic flow.

Even if the test proves successful and motorists do use alternative routes the impact on the environment will be considerable due to increased emissions.

It’s also worth noting that most sat navs use Cross Street as a suggested route for drivers heading through the area and Google Maps does not offer any alternatives. I’m guessing nobody thought to check that minor detail beforehand?

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