Traffic questions remain unanswered

Temporary measures preventing vehicles turning right from Penhellaz Hill onto the (A394) Helston to Penzance road or from turning left onto St John’s Bridge from the Penzance direction continues to be a heavily debated topic in the town.

I have spoken to some residents of Cross Street who mostly appear to support the new traffic calming measures, yet have yet to hear a sufficient answer to what I feel is the main objection to the trial – what about the additional time spent navigating alternative routes, extra fuel costs, higher emissions and increased wear and tear on vehicles?

For example, to drive from Alfords Flooring on the Penzance Road to the Redruth Road via Cross Street involves navigating two junctions (Cross Street onto Church Street and Church Hill onto Water Ma Trout). Whereas the alternative route through The Furry sees motorists having to contend with four sets of traffic lights and two single and two double roundabouts.

I cannot imagine anyone would willingly choose to take such an arduous route when a simpler one is available.

I feel the problem was born decades ago when developers were permitted to build houses and the Water ma Trout estate on the north side of the town without thought given to traffic access.

By comparison, in more recent times the excellent Helston bypass near the Premier Inn was paid for by the developer.

I regularly hear complaints that exiting Lidl supermarket car park can take drivers an excessive amount of time. I can’t help but wonder how much of a ‘donation’ needs to be made to the town council before the supermarket is granted a roundabout.

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