Traffic madness

CORNWALL council have announced they will be changing the priority of some Helston roads in a traffic flow calming test which looks set to put extra strain on other areas in the town.

Residents of Cross Street have been complaining about the volume of traffic that passes their homes, alleging that people use the route as a so-called “rat run”.

The council have announced that cars leaving the junction past St Johns Bridge will no longer be able to turn right on to the Penzance Road and will instead either have to drive towards Helston and find somewhere to double back or find an alternative route.

Motorists travelling down Sithney Common Hill from the Penzance direction will no longer be able to make a left turn on St John’s Bridge.

The trial will last three months as the council attempts to ease the flow on the route.

No one would choose to go through the town centre as traffic lights and the nature of a centres make that route the time consuming while going the only other way, up Furry Way and past the Spar shop, is exactly one mile longer.

All roads are designed to be driven on, that is their designed purpose, and it is natural that people would want to use the shortest and quickest route on any journey, and the council should encourage motorists to use the least amount of miles possible to create the smallest carbon footprint.

If traffic passing my home was an issue for me, I would not buy a house on a road with heavy usage. It is the same as buying a house behind a pub and then complaining about the noise.

These are not roads designed to have not thru-traffic and changing the priority in this way is sure to cause unnecessary problems for more people than those residents of Cross Street that are troubled by the current situation.

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