Traffic calming results state the obvious

CORNWALL Council has finally seen sense and dropped plans to implement road priority changes in Helston, following the complete failure of a trial earlier this year.

I was an outspoken critic of the scheme designed to reduce the volume of vehicles using Cross Street as a so-called rat-run to access the Penzance road.

During the trial, motorists were prevented from turning left into Penhellaz Hill and cars coming out of the junction were not permitted to turn right towards Penzance.

It was simple logic that re-routing traffic from Cross Street would transfer the burden onto other roads, as well as cause long delays for commuters.

Although I have sympathy for residents of Cross Street, it’s worth remembering that this route has been used to access the Penzance road for decades and most residents would have moved into properties aware of the issue.

In a statement, a spokesperson at Cornwall Council said: “While the trial reduced traffic on Cross Street, there was a significant increase of traffic on neighbouring streets as well as anecdotal evidence of safety issues such cars overrunning footways.”

It makes you wonder how much of our money was wasted on this ‘study’ to learn something the rest of us already knew?

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