Town Council vote to leave Porthleven road open to cars on Flora Day

HELSTON Town Council appear to be continuing with a theme of decisions which could be deemed as…questionable.

A meeting of the council’s amenities committee saw members decide that they will no longer pay for the Helston to Porthleven road to be closed to traffic on Flora Day. The decision has baffled residents as it is regarded as a busy through-road.

The council had heard that only five traders had stalls along the road during this year’s event which led to them making the decision as they felt this did not warrant the expense.

The town clerk had also informed members that it was proving difficult to encourage stallholders to trade on the Porthleven road.

Personally, I would have hoped that the committee also considered that the fair is also located adjacent to the Porthleven road, which results in thousands of people, including children, roaming the area. This is in addition to the visibly inebriated adults who are often seen stumbling along the road.

On Flora Day, visitors traditionally stroll that section of the town to enjoy the boating lake, browse the stalls and sit down to enjoy refreshments.

The chairman of the amenities committee is reported to have highlighted people who drink to excess who need to take responsibility for themselves, along with motorists who should make alternative arrangements when festivals take place.

Also reportedly mentioned was that pedestrians can use the pavement and that there is more than enough room to accommodate people, which does not seem to take into account that people who visit the play park, the boating lake cafe, the fair who are constantly crossing the street.

I wonder if this person has ever gone any further than the pubs on Flora Day and visited the road as that would surely demonstrate that there are swarms of people milling around?

Placing thousands of people into one small area with cars does not seem to be a well thought out decision. I hope it does not lead to any accidents or injuries.

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