Town centre road safety concerns

Calls have been made for the council to look into road safety in Helston’s town centre following an incident last week, which saw an elderly man struck by a car.

Former Helston mayor and town councillor Danny Keay had been crossing Coinagehall Street when a car reversing into a parking space struck him at low speed.

Witnesses said that although the impact was not heavy, Mr Keay who is in his 80’s and walks with a stick, hit the ground with force.

I was passing the area half an hour after the incident and saw the air ambulance landing on the bowling green.

He was flown to hospital and thankfully his injuries turned out to be non-life threatening, yet the incident has highlighted the lack of designated crossing areas in the street.

Coinagehall Street has just one safe crossing place for pedestrians located at the traffic lights next to the Guildhall.

Many people take a chance and cross the heavily-used street in between gaps in the traffic. With cars frequently parked on both sides of the road and vehicles having to navigate around buses and taxis turning around, it can be difficult for pedestrians to find a safe moment to cross.

It must be particularly challenging for people with mobility issues and parents with pushchairs with many relying on the kindness and patience of motorists.

There are several ways an incident like this could have potentially been avoided, such as the addition of a pedestrian crossing or islands in the centre of the road so people do not have to attempt to cross the whole expanse in one go.

This has been an accident waiting to happen and perhaps the incident will provide the motivation for the council to look into solving the issue.

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