Time called on rock band after residents complain

MUSIC lovers were up in arms after a rock band had to cut short a gig at a popular pub following complaints from local residents.

Even Nine’s performance at The Blue Anchor in Helston was forced to end early due to complaints from nearby residents which led to outrage on social media.

It was alleged the complaints were made by residents of a nearby new housing development and some online critics questioned why they had moved to the town centre in the first place.

The Blue Anchor has served pub-goers for centuries and is famous for two things – Spingo ale and live music. The venue regularly raises funds for good causes with more than £13,000 raised at the recent Helstonbury event.

Live music is often performed in the skittle alley or main bars which helps to reduce noise levels, yet more recently bands are playing in the garden area which offers more space yet increases the chance of upsetting residents.

Even Nine’s spokesman said that the group respect environmental controls and curfews and twice turned down the speaker volume at the gig. He added the group do whatever they can to make sure the noise level is acceptable as well as ending performances in advance of finish times.

Sadly it seems today’s environmental laws, which were introduced to combat illegal raves in the 80s, are being misused in some cases and forcing many venues to close. It’s now possible for one person to stop any event with a complaint and there’s not much a venue or band can do about it.

I have sympathy for any resident who feels their quality of life is affected by an outside nuisance, however, it does appear odd why someone would move close to a music venue then complain about the noise?

Perhaps the sound of a real band was spoiling their enjoyment of the X-Factor?

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