Teens target sports clubs and post footage online

The identity of vandals targeting Helston’s Cricket and Rugby clubs has been discovered after the geniuses posted videos of themselves inside club buildings on social media.

Both clubs have suffered at the hand of vandals in recent months and were left to pay for damage caused by the culprits.

I recently spoke to representatives from each club who explained how the offenders had kicked-in doors, broken tables and chairs, left evidence of drug taking and smashed glass while leaving broken shards on playing pitches used by youth teams.

Last week one vandal was caught ripping off pieces of the score hut roof. When confronted, he shouted back: “I am 14. What are you going to do about it?”

The youths shared videos from inside the Cricket Club score hut on the messaging app Snapchat, and also left sarcastic comments on social media reports on some incidents. The disdainful act demonstrates a complete disregard for authority with no fear of repercussions or punishment.

Following a complaint, police officers found the group inside a shed at the Rugby Club and a search revealed a quantity of drugs on the 14 to 18 year olds. Anti-social behaviour warnings were issued with further enquiries being conducted.

On the same day as these dreadful acts, I watched these same youths smash a bottle on the floor outside Tesco supermarket before arguing with a passer-by who asked them to be more thoughtful.

Three days later, I watched a member of that group collide with – and almost knock over – a middle-aged woman at the store. When asked to be more careful she was told to “f*** off”.
Have you experienced problems with youths around our town? Is the problem real or being exaggerated? How do you feel about it and what would you like to see done?

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