Still soaring high after 50 years

Past and present members of the Seahawk Gliding Club (SGC) gathered to celebrate 50 years of navy gliding at RNAS Culdrose.

Much has changed since the club’s first flights on the evening of June 26 in 1966, with many types of gliders and tug aircraft operating from the base.  In 2000, the club was provided support from the Sports Lottery and the Sailor’s Fund to acquire a Super Dimona motor glider tug which has been vital to the club’s survival ever since.

Chris Bryning, Lieutenant Commander and SGC’s current Chief Flying Instructor said: “A lot has happened in the past 50 years, but what has not changed is the vital contribution of a small, dedicated group of service, ex-service and civilian members who have, by their efforts, kept the gliding flame alight and burning brightly at Culdrose through thick and thin. It would be unfair to single out individuals but it is a shame that such stalwart members as Robbie Robinson and Ron Keeping were unable to stretch the glide far enough to be with us today.”

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