St Ives motorcyclist illegal assault or justified restraint?

A SHOCKING VIDEO showing an angry mob confronting a biker after he allegedly crashed into several cars in St Ives has gone viral online, and been viewed by millions of people.

The footage shows the man, known only as Alan, riding his bike near the busy harbour and it is alleged damaging cars with his panniers as he passed. Motorists and bystanders chased the man and force him to stop, saying he had been filmed damaging cars and almost running people over.

The situation escalated when he tried to leave the scene and people attempted to stop him, forcing him off his bike in shocking scenes. One angry man confronts Alan, asking for his insurance details before taking his bike keys as they tussle in the street. Alan looks distressed and frightened then asks to be left alone before saying “I haven’t got any insurance”. He then tries to escape on his bike up a one-way street, hitting a pedestrian.

A dispute has arose about the events leading up to the incident with some people claiming that Alan had been assaulted himself earlier as he was setting up his busking pitch and was attempting to flee.

Reading some of the thousands of comments online, many people say the man should have stopped if he had damaged other peoples vehicles and supplied his insurance details as required by law.

However, others claim that with an angry mob around him he would have felt threatened and his attempt to escape was justified.

One online comment summed up my own thoughts which said: “I think those blokes made the problem worse causing him to panic. He wasn’t right to do what he did, but my point is those blokes were ott.”

Had it been my car that was damaged, I feel I would have also attempted to confront the man yet within seconds noticed he was clearly distressed so would have stepped away and reported the incident to the police as his number plate was clearly displayed.

If your car was damaged what action would you have taken? The video can be viewed via this story on the Cornwall Live website 

Toby Hines

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