Speeding fines: cash cows or life savers?

The announcement of a crackdown on speeding motorists by police has caused accusations that speed cameras are being used as a cash cow to fleece motorists and replenish depleted coffers.

Social media commentators were quick to slam police for ignoring ‘real’ crime or ‘victimising’ motorists, yet I question if that is a fair argument?

Statistics show that speed-related accidents accounted for more than 17,000 serious injuries or deaths on British roads between 2012 and 2016.

One paramedic I recently spoke to said he had a hard-hitting message for those making roads more dangerous for others. He said: “You can complain [about speeding fines] after you’ve had to hang upside down on a motorway in the pitch black, freezing cold, soaked wet through while holding someone’s head that you know is going to die, and tell them that the fire brigade are going as fast as they can. All because someone was going too fast and didn’t stop in time or slow down.”

As we prepare for the worst of this winter’s weather, surely prevention is better than cure?

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