Spate of serious injuries acts as warning to drivers

An alarming number of serious injuries on the roads around Helston serve as a stark reminder how motorists need to drive with care and attention as the cold weather closes in.

Too often I turn on the radio to listen to another warning of a road closure or an appeal for witnesses after yet another serious crash.

Several collisions have been reported on our roads since temperatures have dropped with people suffering life-threatening or life-altering injuries.

The month of October has an average of four fewer hours of sunlight each day with frequent overcast and drizzly conditions where visibility is greatly reduced. Despite this, I continue to encounter motorists overtaking at inappropriate places and driving far too close to the vehicle in front.

Many drivers do not always react appropriately when dusk arrives earlier in the day, and in one afternoon alone I felt the need to briefly flash my lights at four separate drivers without their vehicle lights on who were hardly visible to other road users and pedestrians.

The extended summer heat wave has left our roads covered in oil and dust which has not yet washed away and when mixed with winter moisture it can reduce traction and increase braking distance. I have almost been caught out myself despite being an experienced driver of almost 30 years.

We are fortunate to enjoy a mild autumn yet winter will soon be fully upon us with freezing temperatures and further challenges on our roads.

The demands of the modern world means busier lives for most of us, and all too often we can find ourselves rushing from one place to the next. Yet as the old adage says: ‘It is better to be late in this life than early in the next’.

It’s surely worth remembering to plan a journey in advance and allow an extra five minutes to get there?

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