Small changes = BIG impact

I like to regard The Helston Advertiser as the Ronseal of local advertising – we do exactly what it says on the tin. We offer local businesses a cost-effective way to promote their message to tens of thousands of readers in the Helston and surrounding area.

One nearby place that is also clear about what it offers is the largest (and arguably prettiest) village on the Lizard peninsula – Mullion.

While recently visiting customers in the heart of the charming village, I took the opportunity to look around at what was available for residents and tourists alike.

Mullion offers a varied choice of shops, inns cafes, restaurants and art galleries but also a few extra gems where you can spend a few hours with the kids during the summer holidays.

The Chocolate Factory and Craft Centre at Mullion Meadows, on the approach to Mullion Cove, boasts several independent craft and studio businesses including Trenance Chocolate. The company’s delicious products are stocked in outlets from the Isles of Scilly to the Tamar Bridge and you watch chocolate being created on the premises.

One of the most notable aspects of Mullion is how the parish council appears to be working to support residents and business owners. Considerations have clearly been made on how best to enhance its overall appearance with well maintained public areas and people working together to create a community.

The most common complaint from business owners in Helston is how parking charges deter local shoppers and visitors. This problem has been addressed in Mullion with car parks provided by the council which do not demand payment but instead work on an honesty box system. Motorists simply drop a few coins into the collection box which is then used to fund projects around the village, such as the Christmas Lights.

Mullion town council’s website states that they have a ‘basic responsibility to deliver or co-ordinate services to meet local needs, make lives more comfortable and improve quality of life’, which they appear to be achieving. It certainly makes me wonder how Helston Town Council can continuously get it so wrong.

Toby Hines

Toby Hines founded the Helston Advertiser in 2000 and is a passionate supporter of local businesses. He is a big believer in health and wellness and likes to begin most days with a walk around Helston with his Golden Retriever or an hour in the gym. A father of three, he is happiest when spending quality time with the family.

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