Self service tills driving me mad

Another personal pet hate I have picked up in recent times involves supermarkets.

Personally I don’t believe in using credit cards and try to not use a debit card unless it is unavoidable. As well as reducing the risk of being the victim of fraud, I find that I spend considerably less money when having to hand over cash with every purchase.

However the self-service tills at Tesco are increasingly starting to annoy me. It doesn’t seem to matter how many notes or coins I use to pay, it will give me the most awkward change possible – and always with coppers.

As an example yesterday my shopping totalled £7.68. I fed the machine £10.18 fully expecting the £2.50 change to come out as two pound coins and one fifty pence piece. But no, the change was dispensed as two pound coins, one 20p piece, four 5p pieces and a bunch of coppers. Why? Totally no need at all.

I wonder if the machine knows it is me, perhaps using a new artificial intelligence trying to slowly drive me out of the store.
I am curious though, does this just happen to me or to everyone else too? And is it only the Helston store?

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