Rugby club cracks down on dog mess, litter and broken glass

Helston Rugby Club is pleading to dog owners to stop exercising pets on the club’s pitches following an increase in the amount of dog mess and rubbish.

Staff at the club say pitches, which are used by more than 100 local children and adults each week, are blighted by dog poop, litter and broken glass.

I cannot imagine how anyone could allow their dog to leave a mess on a football pitch, the unhygienic action is selfish, lazy and extremely dangerous.

Disposing of litter and broken glass on the pitch is also beyond my comprehension. It’s not as if people are walking around accidentally dropping shards of glass from their pockets – this occurs through culprits thoughtless actions or even worse, a deliberate act.

I can only ask that the people responsible take a moment to think of the repercussions of this offensive act and to show more respect.

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