Road maintenance: penny wise and pound foolish?

MOTORISTS driving through Helston may have noticed improvements to road surfaces in the town, however the work does not appear to have been completed as thoroughly as I had hoped.

Station Road is the latest to have been resurfaced and the quality of the work appears to be of a high standard. Yet I am unsure why workers have ignored a layby and a 15-metre stretch at top of the hill which still have an uneven surface.

The junction into Church Hill has a worn-out speed limit sign painted onto its surface and the new tarmac ends just at the edge of the signage. The same applies for a nearby layby and to further confuse matters the layby opposite has been resurfaced.

The cost of labour and material to have also completed these two sections could surely not be one or two per cent of the total job, yet the council are possibly planning to complete this in the future.

I contacted the department to ask the question but they had not responded before our print deadline.

Cornwall Council budget restraints often mean looking for short term savings rather than addressing the bigger picture. Could missing these sections of road be a false economy and result with unnecessary costs for taxpayers in the long term?

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