Reject or rebuild? Crumbling school rebuilding plan angers residents

PLANS to rebuild Helston Community College remain on track despite protests from neighbouring residents.

A meeting to decide on the £17 million rebuild became heated when an opponent of the plans accused a councillor of lying about funding being in danger if there were further delays in granting the necessary permission. Security needed to be called before the woman chose to leave the meeting.

Objections to the plans mostly surround the location of the building, with some complainants saying it will be too close to neighbouring houses with increased smells and vermin issues generated from a refuge area. Concerns have also been raised about increased noise levels from pupils situated closer to residents boundaries.

The group are urging planners to relocate the building 25 metres further north which would involve an extra 75 seconds longer walk between buildings. However, the school said this was not practical as the added time and distance would place constraints on timetables.

I can understand the concerns of residents, yet feel the points raised are not always an issue in other areas where many schools and homes are clustered close together in built-up areas.

Although it can be upsetting to live in a home which has a changing landscape in its immediate area, in my view the primary objective of providing a better education environment for generations of children should probably take precedence.

When I left that same school 25 years ago it was an echoing, windy and leaking shambles of a building. My children and step-children have since told me the structure has degenerated further with windows and doors that no longer open and generally poor conditions impact on pupils learning ability.

The project has had several false starts and previously lost promised funding. The question remains whether people should stop interfering with such an important project that will improve the lives of most children in the area.

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