Rebuilding of Helston School North Site

Derek Thomas MP

Monthly review from St Ives Constituency MP Derek Thomas

The planning process required to build Helston School North Site will follow its usual course and changes will be made and local concerns addressed.

But there is nothing usual about getting a new school built in the constituency and I’m aware of the tremendous effort that has been made to get us this far (even before my first election success I had numerous discussions with the Education Department pressing them to prioritise Helston Community College and the discussions have continued).

Following a meeting at the school last week we have agreed to be more ambitious. Every effort will be made and every stone turned to build an all-weather pitch for use by the school and the community and to pursue our overall objective to achieve a single site school with a new building (north of the new build) to accommodate the learning that currently takes place on South Site. I will play my full part in supporting these objectives.

The story regarding St Martin-in-Meneage School is not so cheerful with the school threatened with closure. I held a very constructive meeting with people from the community of St Martin to see what we can do to save the school. We are looking to work constructively with the Keskowethyans Multi Academy Trust and the Education Commissioner to explore together every viable option. Email me if you would like further information.

Dates for your diary:
This Friday (7th July) I have organised a face-to-face meeting between the Valuation Office Agency and local business rate payers – if you would like to attend or require more details please email me at

Join me again on Friday for the re-opening of the Lion and Lamb (Ashton) at 7.30pm with Mark and Wendy following a £130,000 refurbishment. I’m delighted to take part in this as the pub has been a regular host for my meet-the-MP events.

And finally, watch out for our London buyers event taking place in Porthleven in July to explore the opportunity for local producers to supply direct to London markets (using the light-freight rail service from Penzance).

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Toby Hines

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