Rare praise given to council roadworks

In an unusual move this week, I would like to take a moment to praise roadworks carried out on behalf of the local council.

Major resurfacing work has recently taken place on Trengrouse Way, a main road into our town centre.

Before the work began, several people expressed concerns to me about their commute to work and the effect on shoppers trying to access the town.

I was also concerned as my job requires visiting clients and regularly using Trengrouse Way as the route from my office. However, once the work was underway it became clear that the workmen were going to work with motorists rather than against them.

It was good to see contractors did not implement the anticipated full road closure but instead carried out the work in smaller sections of the road, allowing motorists to move freely through the area and gain access to the medical centre and car parks.

Well done guys, a job well done.

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