Disrespect shown to the deceased

I HAVE been contacted by a local resident and asked to highlight the lack of care and respect being shown to Porthleven Cemetery by the council.

This person had visited the grave of his mother and was upset to discover overgrown grass and weeds, and rather than spend time grieving, was forced to spend time tidying up instead. Posting his displeasure on social media led to dozens of other people also voicing their own concerns with the situation.

County Councillor Andrew Wallis spoke of his unhappiness with the lack of attention given to the cemetery and apparently the council did cut the grass a month ago but not since.

We are told that the council is working with a constantly dwindling pot of money and have to sacrifice some services.
The council have already said that they cannot carry out any more grass cutting than what is already being done.

They will only cut the grass if there is a footpath and if it’s needed for visibility. Areas that have always previously been cut may not necessarily be cut in the future.

Porthleven Councillor Dick Powell has also spoke out about weeds growing out of pavements, declaring some places were “like a jungle,” but again due to cutbacks, the council will only deal with priority areas.

Despite this, we are faced with constantly increasing council tax bills and it’s odd how they seem to find the money for new car park ticket machines and wardens to patrol the streets, issuing tickets when drivers overstay for an extra two minutes.

They talk of priorities but I would think that showing respect to a cemetery where loved ones are resting would be a definite priority.

Not only that, neglecting such areas causes upset and unhappiness to many people who visit graves to show their respect and revisit memories.

Toby Hines

Toby Hines founded the Helston Advertiser in 2000 and is a passionate supporter of local businesses. He is a big believer in health and wellness and likes to begin most days with a walk around Helston with his Golden Retriever or an hour in the gym. A father of three, he is happiest when spending quality time with the family.

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