Plastic fantastic

A bold initiative in Porthleven to ban the use of single-use plastic bottles and containers is fast gathering momentum.

Refresh Porthleven is a scheme inviting businesses in the town to offer discounts to customers who bring in their own reusable plastic containers to be refilled.

The aim is to reverse an increase in waste plastic reaching the sea, where it disintegrates and is known to harm marine life.

The idea was formed last year and has seen several Porthleven businesses sign up to the project. One business, The Hideaway in Fore Street, is offering customers 25p off drinks for each use of a reusable container.

I applaud this innovative idea as it helps raise awareness of how we are only the guardians of this planet and have a duty to pass it on in good shape to the next generation.

If only supermarkets could take a similar approach and reduce unnecessary plastic packaging. It could make a huge difference.

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