People power fixes road issues

Is it possible that someone from Cornwall Council reads this column and your online comments and decided to take our advice?

It appears that two local issues have recently been addressed after being heavily featured in the Advertiser and on our social media pages over recent months.

The first piece of good news came last week when the authorities removed most of the new parking bays at Meneage Street and restored the yellow lines. Traffic flow was previously restricted due to the bays narrowing the road in addition to the chaos that would ensue when car transporters delivered vehicles to nearby dealerships. It seems ironic how the council often complains about budget cuts, yet seem happy to plough our hard-earned money into ill thought-out schemes.

The other good news was the announcement that Wendron Street, Godolphin Road and Station Road will all be resurfaced before the end of the month. It seems a few words of bad publicity and the upcoming Flora Day can go a long way to stimulating action which should have happened a long time ago. The announcement is a relief as these roads are plagued with potholes and pose a real danger to motorists and their vehicles.

People power also came into play when the temporary traffic changes to the Penzance Road / St Johns Road junction were removed last year. The trial was cut short after I, and many readers voiced our concerns about the proposed changes and plans for permanent changes were abandoned. This scheme was also flawed from the outset and again squandered funds from the council’s shrinking budget.

Before the local authority misspend any more of our money, it may be wise to give closer thought to the proposed Stadium for Cornwall and its huge cost to taxpayers. Although I personally think it would benefit our county immensely, I am undecided whether such a costly proposal should be a priority in the current economic climate. What’s your view?

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