Paying a pound to save many lives

A county-wide speed enforcement campaign has been launched by the police, which has predictably caused some members of the public to bemoan it as a cynical money-making enterprise.

Although I am not privy to internal discussions about the implementation of these campaigns, I’m all for any measure which protects the public and keeps our roads safe.

Road accidents accounted for 1,710 deaths in the last reported 12-month period with 176,500 injuries of varying severity being suffered.

A genuine road traffic ‘accident’ is quite rare as they are almost always caused by human error.

If all it takes to save lives is for the police to park at the side of the road issuing fines to annoyed drivers, I am completely in favour, and that’s from a once-careless motorist who has attended speed awareness courses and has endorsements on his licence.

Speed kills and if the only thing that will slow down motorists is the fear of a financial penalty, so be it. Surely the end justifies the means?

Toby Hines

Toby Hines founded the Helston Advertiser in 2000 and is a passionate supporter of local businesses. He is a big believer in health and wellness and likes to begin most days with a walk around Helston with his Golden Retriever or an hour in the gym. A father of three, he is happiest when spending quality time with the family.

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