Pain relief without the pills

Life can be tough – so why spend it feeling anything other than fabulous?

This is the mantra of a health therapist in Helston providing relief to those suffering from physical and emotional pain.

For the last 25 years Melanie Lapacho has offered relief to those suffering from pain, stress, fatigue, injury or food intolerances to name but a few. As a fully qualified Bowen Therapy practitioner, Melanie uses the gentle and non-invasive therapy to target certain points on the body with gentle rolling movements to encourage the body to heal itself.

The long-lasting therapy can be used to treat shoulder problems, RSI, tennis elbow, back pain, sports injuries and sciatica among other ailments.

Melanie said: “My aim is to help clients eliminate pain on every level and regain their vibrancy so I work to correct emotional and structural imbalance to promote healing and recovery of energy. To achieve this, I offer Bowen Therapy; a treatment using gentle pressure to release muscles via the connective tissue, the organ that holds everything that we are structurally in place. The moves are usually applied in sets with short rest periods in between to allow the body to assimilate the work and once the patterns are released the body is able to realign itself and relief from multiple aches and pains is achieved.

“Athletes who aim to improve performance or get back in their game after incurring injuries, strains, and muscle soreness can also benefit from the treatment as do farmers, fisherman and builders etc. It’s a safe, natural, yet powerful hands-on therapy that stimulates the body to heal. Bowen is also suitable for pregnant women as expectant mothers preparing to bring their baby into the world often feel a variety of emotions and structural changes as the baby grows. Bowen can help to calm and nurture the body, giving the chance to release and relax. However, you don’t need to have a physical condition to benefit from Bowen; some people have regular therapy sessions as a means of stress management and health maintenance. Each treatment is completely unique and tailored to the client’s individual needs on that day.”

For more information call Melanie Lapacho on 07723 090266 or visit her at Clara-Bella Brows and Beauty (formerly Revive) at Coinage Ope in Helston.

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