Owner hails success of “no parking” yellow lines

The owner of a company which painted double yellow lines along Porthleven’s harbour has hailed the success of the controversial action.

Trevor Osborne, owner of the Harbour and Dock Company whose company painted yellow lines on a stretch of the privately owned Commercial Road aimed to ‘calm’ congestion and ‘improve safety’.

However, Cornwall Council and Porthleven mayor Andrew Wallis claims the road markings are not legal and unenforceable.

In a statement to the Advertiser Mr Osborne said that the public is respectful of the intention to improve safety and motorists are not flagrantly parking on the yellow lines.

He said: “I have described works carried out as experimental and so far the public has acclaimed the improvement to safety and, indeed, to the visibility of the shops is welcomed.

“The necessity for a disabled person to park has raised the issue of disabled parking within the area over which the Porthleven Harbour & Dock Co have jurisdiction and the Company will now study a means to improve the provision of disabled parking as a continuance of its responsible attitude to road safety and the convenience of visitors and locals.”

“Notwithstanding the hysterical reaction of Councillor Andy Wallis on social media, people are respectful of the intention to improve public safety and are not parking on the yellow lines in the flagrant manner promoted by him.”

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