Outrage as litter and broken glass left on beach

PORTHLEVEN residents were up in arms after a photograph was posted on the village’s Facebook page showing a section of beach near the Bickford-Smith Institute strewn with discarded rubbish.

The incident comes just one month after charity Surfers Against Sewage organised a beach clean event in the area.

Volunteers who gave their time to clear the beach of litter must be furious to see their hard work undone by a thoughtless few.

As the image shows, not just one or two items were thoughtlessly left behind, but the untidy remains from a group of people who had been drinking and eating on the beach who decided not to take their litter home. To add further shame on the culprits, they must have walked straight past the bin that can be seen at the top of the slipway.

It was reported that broken glass could be seen among the mess and I would urge anyone aware of the identity of the culprits to inform the relevant authorities.

Behaviour such as this should not be expected, tolerated or ignored. These louts should be forced to undertake community service around Porthleven and clean up other areas.

This punishment may force the offenders to think about their actions and also act as a deterrent to others. Such carelessness poses a risk of injury to others using the beach, including young children, not to mention longer term damage to the environment.

Everyone is entitled to enjoy themselves, but is it too much to ask for some people to consider how their irresponsible actions impact on the rest of us?

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