No place to ‘bin it’

It could be said that beach cleaning operations are doomed to failure with so many people showing such scant regard for the environment.

Coupled with a lack of recycling incentives from the retail industry and government creates an uphill struggle.

A reader contacted us this week to highlight how the much-used refuse bins at Church Cove in Gunwalloe had mysteriously disappeared. Shocked at this discovery and aware of the lack of dog waste bins near the beach I decided to pay a visit to investigate.

At the cove I was saddened to find just one solitary dog waste bin in the car park and not a single one on the route where people actually walk their dogs. This is particularly troubling as Dollar Cove, one of the only year-round dog friendly beaches, shares the popular walkway.

It seems the report was correct as the general waste bins had vanished which was confirmed by an employee at the nearby cafe.

I was told that the sizeable bins had been inexplicably removed during the winter, forcing the cafe owner to remove their own bin as it was now being used to such an extent that it was not leaving enough room for the business to discard its own waste. Commercial waste is a chargeable expense so it is understandable the cafe does not want to bear the brunt of a cost-cutting measure by the relevant authority.

We all have a responsibility to discard with care but those in charge of public spaces need to give the environment a fighting chance.

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