A Mullion garage goes clean and green

A car mechanic in Mullion has launched a new service to help motorists save money and reduce emissions.

Mullion Mechanics based at Willis Vean has become an authorised agent of TerraClean, a technology developed by environmentally-conscious scientists in Canada.

Owner James Spencer said TerraClean can improve a car’s engine to obtain better fuel consumption and makes significant improvements to emissions and vehicle performance.

He said: “The technology connects directly to a vehicle and enables fluid to be circulated around the engine to remove carbon, tar and other deposits from the fuel injectors, injection pumps, combustion chambers and manifolds. The process clears up the engine and it makes the engine run more efficiently just like when it was new.”

TerraClean is endorsed by high skilled mechanic Edd China of TV’s Wheeler Dealers who also operates a TerraClean service centre at his own garage. In tests, TV presenter Quentin Wilson also reported an increase in fuel consumption of almost 15 per cent after using the cleaning service.

Being in the trade, James finds that the benefits for certain tools and equipment that he is offered can often be overstated, but not in this case.

He said: “TerraClean does what it says it’s going to do. Whilst quite new to the UK marketplace, the technology is proving its value and saving motorists money by reducing fuel costs and improving performance for a cleaner greener drive.”

For more information visit terraclean.co.uk or call Mullion Mechanics on 01326 240620.

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