Move with the times or stay the same?

LAST week’s column asking which day Flora Day should be held led to many interesting responses on our Facebook page (Facebook/Helston Advertiser).

I had fully expected a strong reaction from traditionalists outraged at the suggestion that the event could be held either on a Saturday each year or be permitted to be hosted on a Monday, if that is when May 8 falls.

However, the traditionalists were measured in their response with many in favour of allowing a break with convention and holding it on the 8th, unless the day falls on a Sunday.

The most interesting response compared Flora Day with Porthleven’s Food Festival, an event that grows in popularity each year.

I would estimate that a similar number of people attend each event yet many more varied stalls are on offer at the food festival.

Until recent years traders at Flora Day could be seen lining the streets all the way from The Guidhall in Coinagehall Street to Flora Motors adjacent to the Boating Lake. Nowadays just a handful of stalls can be seen with most selling burgers or candy floss.

Flora Day is the only unique event the town hosts with any real success and even though the committee and volunteers put in a tremendous amount of time and effort, it does follow a template designed decades ago with little change over the years.

One reader compared the old-fashioned Flora Day website with fresher designs promoting Falmouth Week, St Ives Food Festival, Porthleven Food Festival and the Falmouth Oyster Festival.

Neighbouring towns continously host creative events and festivals to draw visitors, with Falmouth Week attracting an extra 80,000 people.

It certainly raises the question whether it’s time to make changes to Flora Day and how the town is promoted in general?

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