Motorway services exploitation

I OFTEN feel that large corporations do not have any interest in trading fairly and are managed by people calculating ways to exploit us.

I spent the weekend in London helping my grandma celebrate her 90th birthday and made the mistake of not filling up the car with fuel before setting off on my return journey to Cornwall. This led to me paying a whopping £11 more on just one tank of diesel than I paid at Turnpike Garage before setting off on the outward journey.

When I was younger, I could eat up the long miles without any physical toll but find it harder so need several coffee stops to keep me going and each cup is priced at £3, adding up a tenner on one journey, and I have it with no milk or sugar, just plain black coffee.

I would love to hear them justify the price differences to their high street equivalents. I am not against a business making a profit, I am not running the Advertiser purely as a public service but I do strive to be fair and there is nothing fair about exploiting a captive audience.

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