Motorists face an extra two days stuck in traffic as road trial continues

THE jury remains out on the effectiveness of the new traffic calming trial close to the (A394) Helston to Penzance road, introduced to reduce the volume of vehicles using Cross Street as a through road.

The temporary measure prevents vehicles turning right from Penhellaz Hill onto the Penzance road or from turning left onto St John’s Bridge from the Penzance direction.

Covert cameras have been mounted on alternative routes to enable the council to monitor traffic behaviour.

I have witnessed plenty of motorists ignoring the measures including one motorbike rider narrowly avoiding serious injury as he swerved to avoid colliding with a car making an illegal turn at the junction.

Traffic has built up as far back as the Spar shop next to the roundabout on Meneage Street and past Chris Nicholls Motors at the top of Sithney Common Hill in the other direction. Further tailbacks have been seen throughout the narrow residential streets around St John’s Road along with long queues forming in the town centre.

I have been reading comments being posted to online stories covering the trial one from a resident of Cross Street says that the trial has only been a disaster for people who “dislike the inconvenience of having to drive a bit further and who don’t like having to go out of their way for the sake of others.”

This remark appears to be the defence given by most residents on the Church Hill / Cross Street route but the point seems to have no valid meaning as ‘Drivers look for the shortest and quickest route’ is hardly a headline grabber yet common sense and much better for the environment. Why would motorists choose to take the longer route on any journey?

I wonder if the author of the comment calculates his own journey’s through other towns to avoid similar roads to the one on which he lives?

It’s worth remembering that several of the residents who have complained over the years would have bought their homes with full knowledge of the level of traffic in the area, and aware the road is used by motorists to access the road to Penzance.

Before the traffic trial it could take drivers an extra five minutes to avoid Cross Street as a cut-through. Now it is potentially longer due to the heavier traffic on surrounding roads.

Commuters avoiding Cross Street on their way to work now face at least an extra ten minutes sat in traffic each day, which is most likely an underestimation. This equates to almost two full days per year for every motorist – hardly a mere “inconvenience.”

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