Make sure you make yourself heard this week

A number of people have asked how I intend to vote in this week’s EU referendum and questioned why I haven’t expressed an opinion through this column.

In short there are two simple explanations. The first is that as editor of a local publication I try to focus on local issues for local people in this column. Secondly, most so-called experts of the debate appear to disagree and clearly do not know what will happen – and I understand it much less than them.

With this mind it would be irresponsible of me to attempt to influence anyone’s vote either way (not that I have any chance of doing so). I prefer to leave the ill-informed and poorly researched opinions to the Twitter monkeys.

One thing that has fascinated me is how several influential and powerful people have expressed strong opinions while telling us exactly what will happen to the country over the next 15 years, whether we stay in or leave the EU.
These are the same people who did not know we were in a recession until we were two weeks into it.

I recently read an analogy by the comedian Frankie Boyle that I will unashamedly borrow. ‘It ‘s like a man saying he can predict the weather every day for the next 15 years,” says Frankie, “while standing outside in the pouring rain wearing shorts and flip flops with a bottle of suntan lotion in his pocket.”

I don’t know which way we should vote but I do know that we must turn out and be heard. People have fought and died for us to have a voice. I hope you intend to use yours and cast your vote on Thursday.

Toby Hines

Toby Hines founded the Helston Advertiser in 2000 and is a passionate supporter of local businesses. He is a big believer in health and wellness and likes to begin most days with a walk around Helston with his Golden Retriever or an hour in the gym. A father of three, he is happiest when spending quality time with the family.

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