Laughing at vulnerable people is now acceptable to some

A WOMAN appeared in court last week after being caught pleasuring herself on a bench in the centre of Truro.

Social media was awash with comedy quips along with a video of the incident which had been filmed by a laughing passer-by. The 19-year-old girl had allegedly been taking legal highs and has a ‘number of difficulties’, including alcohol problems and has stated she has no recollection of the incident.

One so-called newspaper, The Daily Star, hypocritically printed an article explaining the circumstances of the incident but then still decided to post the video on their website. So here we have a vulnerable teenager with mental and emotional issues being filmed, and some people who should know better decide this is entertainment.

The man who took the video, a father of one who was in the region on holiday, said: ““I was disgusted, there were kids walking past, I was gobsmacked.” Yet clearly not gobsmacked enough to step in and stop what was happening or at least try to cover the girl up to ensure those children – which he infers that he is concerned about – were not further exposed to the incident. Instead, he decided to reach for his phone and film the girl before later uploading it to social media, thereby ensuring more children could view it. And this is a parent? Film night at his house must be interesting.

Like many others I imagine, I find it disturbing that so many people in society don’t seem to have the filter that tells them it may be wrong to view this as entertainment. The amount of ‘shares’ of the video on my own Facebook timeline by people I thought were friends, along with the mindless comments, have made me reconsider who I associate myself with.

The girl has been remanded in custody by the courts and I hope that rather than treating her like a criminal, they take the time to try and help her with her issues.

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