It’s a jungle out there

Although I appreciate it can’t always be easy for the council to keep on top of fast-growing hedgerows and verges at this time of year, I do sometimes wonder if they are even trying.

I am aware there is a shortage of funds for all services and they must prioritise areas which are in need of the most attention, yet I am finding on my travels that major routes around our town have been completely neglected – often to dangerous levels.

One issue I have mentioned on several occasions is the overgrown hedges and verges at Station Road in Helston, which are back again.

This road has a heavy footfall with pupils walking to and from Helston Community College. The pavement, which is wide enough for three people to walk alongside each other, is now so covered with foliage that students are forced to walk in the road.

In many streets the road signs are completely obscured by overgrown foliage (the picture on the right has a sign for Tremenherre Avenue buried in it, you just have to look closely to spot it).

Cemeteries in the area are so wildly overgrown they resemble a jungle, a situation not only hugely disrespectful to mourners yet gives an appalling impression to tourists.

Helston’s Sunken Garden – designed to be a relaxing communal outdoor space – has not seen a lawnmower in weeks, possibly even months.

Each year we are asked to pay more money through increasing council tax charges, yet each year we see less spent on services. What do you think? Is it time for the council to clean up its act?

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