Investing in Helston’s future

Regular visitors to Helston’s Coronation Park may have noticed large scale improvements being carried out by local contractors.

New path surfaces, lamposts and a cycle lane have been installed along with water drainage of the lake to expose retaining walls to allow repairs.

Earlier this year the community group South Kerrier Alliance took on a 99-year lease to preserve and improve the park and put together a £300,000 refurbishment fund.

The innovative group has an impressive track-record of achieving results as demonstrated with the construction of The Old Cattle Market building and its management.

I have always felt the Boating Lake, with its nearby links to the Penrose Estate, is one of our greatest local assets and am pleased to see the area including children’s play park beginning to take shape.

The next phase of work includes resurfacing the skate park and installing new ramps to replace ageing ones that were removed.

It could be said there is a noticeable difference in how local councils and community interest groups spend money.

This £300,000 investment will make long-term improvements to be enjoyed for decades by future generations. In stark contrast, £800,000 previously given to the council by local supermarkets to benefit Helston disappeared without any noticeable effect to local businesses, residents or tourists.

After examining the improvements at the park, I strolled into Helston town and was greeted by the impressive Christmas Lights display, which put a huge smile on my face.

Standing near The Blue Anchor Inn and looking up the street I witnessed first-hand the sights and sounds of Helston’s Christmas spirit. I felt proud to be part of this wonderful town and feel immensely grateful to the amazing team of volunteers who help make it all happen. Thank you to everyone involved.

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