Why I would never stand for public office

Residents have given a mixed response to news that a Helston town councillor has resigned from his position.

Former mayor Jonathon Radford-Gaby decided to step down after claiming other interests were placing too much demand on his time.

It could be argued that the decision is to be respected as it would be easier to continue in the role in a less effective manner.

Over the years I have been openly critical of Mr Radford-Gaby, which is maybe more indicative of general disappointment in the decisions of the council. However, I am reliably informed he does attempt to do the right thing for the town even if some decisions have raised a few eyebrows.

Several people have urged me to consider applying to fill the vacancy, yet you may be relieved to hear that it does not hold any interest. I certainly don’t feel my skill set fits the requirement of what it takes to be a productive member of any council, while bureaucracy and local authority politics is something I try to avoid.

I am not and never will be a team player which is demonstrated by the two sports that dominate my life. Boxing and bodybuilding require singular hard work, dedication and self motivation. Both sports appeal because if anything goes wrong, there is no one to blame but yourself. And if you prepare correctly, there is no one else to let you down.

Outside of sport I try run my business the same way; I am comfortable with my working environment and try not to not take on work that I cannot complete to a high standard.

Some readers may be relieved to read that I recognise my presence on the council may be detrimental to the town, so rather than blindly put myself up for the vote I will stay as far away from the situation as possible.

Besides, I feel I am much more benefit to the town as a fringe member of the Fourth Estate – someone in the media who defends the public’s interest while holding those in positions of power to account.

One thought on “Why I would never stand for public office

  • 30th November 2016 at 8:00 am

    I respect your decision not to stand for the vacancy on the Town Counci. I think
    your time and effort would be better spent, through your newspaper, trying and suggesting the Council to make improvements to the town, without being too critical.
    Erica Clark and a few volunteers seem to be fighting a loosing battle in trying to keep the flower beds at the entrance to the town and in the town free of weeds and other detriment. All this work seems to go unrecognised.
    Keep fighting the fight and perhaps we will get there one day.

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