Hit and run driver spared prison

NEWS that a drunk driver has been spared jail after injuring two girls from Helston in a hit-and-run incident has sparked outrage in the town.

Lochlann Gray left Shooters Bar in Helston nearly three times over the legal drink-drive limit but climbed into his car and drove into one girl, before being held by several of the girl’s friends. However, he then managed to get back into the car and drive off again, striking another girl who required hospital treatment.

Gray then drove to Falmouth before being apprehended by police who said he had lost one of his tyres and created a trail of sparks from the vehicle. His windscreen was also cracked which limited his vision.

Gray admitted the offence to the court and was given a suspended prison sentence. The only punishment he will suffer is having to pay £85 in costs, a victim surcharge of £115, a two-year driving ban and an extended driving test.

His solicitor told magistrates that the defendant was “clearly devastated” by his offences and would “struggle to cope” in prison.

Personally, I can’t see the issue with not sending someone to prison because they may ‘struggle to cope’. In a fair society, those who break the law should be given a suitable punishment and a small fine for injuring two people with a car and driving off does not feel an appropriate penalty. In my mind how the person would cope with a stiffer punishment is completely irrelevant.

It also poses the question whether this type of leniency fails to act as a deterrent to other potential drink drivers.

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