Helston springs into summer

IN LAST week’s column I compared the cleanliness and aesthetics of Fuengirola in Spain to Helston, which received a mixed response.

About half of our readers felt that I should have more pride in the town, with the rest agreeing it feels forgotten by the local authority.

After commenting on the impressively decorated roundabouts in Spain compared to our drab efforts at home, by chance workers could be seen making improvements to two of the town’s roundabouts at each either end of the bypass next to The May Tree pub last week.

Both are sponsored by local businesses and now boast creative displays which is a huge step in the right direction. However, I reserve judgement until I see if they will be maintained over the long term or will soon become overgrown and tatty.

In other good news, I have been informed that Station Road in Helston will (at long last) be resurfaced this week. Overgrown hedges have been cut back and there seems to be less litter blowing around the streets. The area surrounding the Boating Lake also looks cleaner and more attractive to visitors. Groups such as Helston in Bloom are working hard on projects with little thanks and also deserve acknowledgement.

Although after reading many of your comments I still feel that our town is a little neglected and we could learn much from our European cousins, yet you are right to point out there are spaces and places in Helston to be proud of.

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