Helston: more than just a ‘poor cousin’?

Rumours that lifestyle clothing company Fat Face are considering opening a store in Porthleven has caused a stir in the harbourside town, with a mix of opinions.

Some critics feel that only locally-owned businesses should be able to trade in Porthleven, while others hope a bigger brand would increase footfall and benefit other shops.

While Porthleven continues to reap the rewards of investment and vision, the mayor of Helston is quoted as saying: “I just wish people wouldn’t keep passing us over. We miss out on blooming everything! I think it’s so sad.”

However, I can’t help but feel it may be better to ask why Helston is seen as the ‘poor cousin’ to other towns and continously ignored?

If we don’t ask the question, we will never find the solution and the town will continue to pay the price for a continual lack of imagination and investment. Or worse still, our limited funds will continue to be wasted on projects such as the Grylls Monument.

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