Helston Advertiser gives MP a voice

REGULAR visitors to our website may have noticed a change this week with the addition of a section for articles written by our local MP.

Derek Thomas, MP for the St Ives constituency, contacted us to enquire whether the Helston Advertiser would be interested in publishing a monthly review of his work on behalf of constituents. We were delighted to be able to offer this to our readers to provide a platform for our elected MP to connect with the local community.

Regardless of which candidate you may have voted for at the general election, I feel it is important we are kept informed about local issues which can help us work together to create a better future.

As ever, The Helston Advertiser remains politically neutral and Mr Thomas’s section is not provided free-of-charge. We would always consider similar enquiries from other political parties.

One question commonly heard is “what has my MP done for me?” and with this in mind, this new section may help to answer the question and help you decide which candidate deserves your support at the next election.

The review will also appear in the printed edition of the Advertiser each month.

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