Foul play: dog owners causing a stink in Helston

ONCE again I find myself compelled to highlight the inconsiderate behaviour of some dog owners and urge them to show consideration for others.

I am frequently asked to write about various local issues, but nothing as often as the outrage the community feels at the dog mess littering our town.

What I find most disturbing is some of the locations I have come across the problem which has caused me to question the standards of some dog owners.

My son plays for one of the Helston youth football teams and before one recent fixture the coaches had to walk around the pitch picking up piles of dog waste. What kind of inconsiderate and irresponsible dog owner allows their dog to use a children’s pitch as a toilet?

Not to mention the stench and upset it would cause to any child who accidentally stepped or rolled in it, dog faeces are known to carry diseases.

I regularly walk my dog ‘Arnie’ around the streets of Helston for at least an hour each day, and without fail see many piles of dog poo on the pavement. However, I have never seen any of the culprits in the act.

The issue is a frequent topic of conversation between dog owners and everyone agrees that it is unpleasant and should not be tolerated. There can never be an excuse as people should always carry adequate bags – like any responsible owner.

I feel so strongly about the issue that should I see anyone not picking up their dog’s poop, I will give serious thought to taking their photo before naming and shaming them in the Advertiser.

It’s not the dogs that are the problem, it’s the thoughtless and lazy owners. Don’t want to pick up the dog mess? Don’t get a dog!

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